Simply Traditional Custom String

Simply Traditional Custom strings are each made by hand according to your needs. Please select or enter your requirements below. Our standard strings are 2 bundle strings if you would like a 3 bundle string or an accent color, have any questions or simply do not see the colors you want please do not hesitate to contact me at

You may also select the option to add string silencers to your string. Wool puffs do a great job at silencing string noise and they look great. When possible I will match the string colors as closely as possible. If this is not possibly then I will choose one color and make the puff using this color. For example a red and gold string I would use red for the puff since I have not found gold colored yarn at this time. The other option is to install Two Tracks Felt Wool String Scallops. These are more expensive but can be reused, so when you replace your string later, remove the scallops and reinstall on your next string. I have one pair that is now in it’s 4th string. See photos below to get an idea when these options look like. Wool puffs add $4 to the cost of a string, String Scallops add $7.

We now also offer JP Enterprises Wooly Whisper puffs as an option for string silencers. These puffs are all natural wool , not yarn. Cleaned ( they get it right off the sheep ) ,
manufactured, weighed and bagged by James Pyle himself. These are really great silencers and I am proud to now offer these as an option for $8 per string. Look for Wooly Whisper as an option when selecting the string material you desire.

If you would like to compare the colors in the drop down menus below with the BCY color chart please click this link, BCY Color Chart. Please note that not all colors shown are available for B55 and D97. If there is a color you would like that is not in the drop down menus below please contact me. If the color is available I can order it.

Wool puffs matching colors when possible.
Wool puffs matching colors when possible.
Two Tracks String Scallops.
Tracks String Scallops.

I serve most strings with Black Halo if you really want a different serving material please contact me at

Choose your options and string materials from the drop down menu below. Price includes USPS First Class Shipping to US and Canada. Please allow up to two – three weeks for your string to be shipped.


Base string options (Click for options)
Select Bow Type
Material Type (Choose B55 for vintage bows)
Select First Bundle Color
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Choose number of strands
Select desired serving size
Enter bow poundage here (example 55@28)
Enter AMO Length of bow here (if known)
If AMO is not known enter actual string length here
If not sure about serving size enter type of nock here(Gold Tip, Bohning Signature, etc)
Enter any additional comments below (such as bow make and model or if you want an accent stripe)200 character max


Add a pack of Simply Traditional String Maintenance wax to the purchase of any string order and pay no shipping.

This bowstring maintenance wax is made by me in my local shop of 100% natural ingredients so no chemical smell to spook that buck in close quarters. I have developed this special blend for the ideal combination of lubrication and tack so it will go onto your string easy but not fly off as soon as you start shooting. Just rub the string with the wax and either work into the fibers with your finger and thumb or use a small piece of leather to burnish the wax into the string (my preferred method) and be sure to pay attention to the loops. Wax has a natural pine smell.

Natural Beeswax
Pinion Pine Resin
Pine oil
Cooking grade mineral oil

$4.00 per 1 ounce cup plus no shipping when purchased with a string

Click the paypal button below to add string wax to your order and pay no shipping with the purchase of a string.