A Bow Under the Tree.

One year ago this Christmas I gave my then 11 year old daughter her first Traditional Bow. She received a brand new Tolke Tadpole longbow from Montana Bows and thus began a new hobby for her and a new beginning in Archery for myself.

Since that Christmas morning we have shared a lot of time together flinging arrows. We shot in the backyard, at local and national 3d events and it wasn’t long before she was giving me some serious competition on the 3d courses. She outgrew that bow over the course of the year and she is now shooting a Hill Style longbow that she received from Steve Turay back in June but she still shoots that Tadpole from time to time. I think she likes the memories it represents.

This year as Christmas approached I reached out to a few bowyers that I have met over the past year and asked them if they were filling any orders for bows for kids this Christmas and if so could they share a few photos with me.

Two answered the call. St. Joe River Bows and my good friend Billy Hudson of Flatwoods Custom Bows, a local Bowyer here in North Georgia. Both sent me photos of several bows that found their way under a tree for kids this Christmas. You just know there were some smiling faces when a kid first laid eyes on one of these beauties!

St. Joe River Bows Website

Joshua and Caleb with their Christmas Bows from St. Joe River Bows

Flatwoods Custom Bows on Facebook

Hope everyone had an awesome holiday season. It is my wish for all of your arrows find their mark in 2013!

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