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Magnus Single Bevel Broadhead

Many of you may have heard about the Magnus Classic 150 grain single bevel broadhead, an exclusive offering from Simply Traditional,. We worked with the manufacturer of the Magnus Classic heads to take to 160 grain Magnus (2.5″ x 1.5″ 11/32 ferule) broadhead and instead of the normal double bevel edge, a single bevel edge is applied. These are available in both right and left bevel and the additional width of the big Magnus head should make for some wicked wound channels as the single bevel edge spins through game. Say you carbon or aluminum arrows and need a screw on head? Well don’t worry, we also have a wide range of broadhead adapters and can create a screw in head in a wide range of weights from 180 to nearly 300 grains.

Overall we have been very pleased with how the heads turned out and the response we have received from the community. However there was one modification that we felt would make this head even more effective. This modification would be to replace the chisel point design that comes out of the package with what is referred to as a “tanto” tip. The tanto tip is the preferred point style of Dr. Ashby who has performed more broadhead testing and data analysis than probably anyone in the world.

Dr. Ashby has performed a ton of research on the effect of various broadhead styles, arrow weights, forward of center ratios and more. One of the sub categories that Ashby has performed research on is tip styles. During his research he found that a “tanto” style tip not only resisted “rolling” when impacting bone but it also had a greater splitting effect when encountering bones. If you would like to review this study for yourself you can find it on youtube and a link will be provided below for you to find it easily.

Field Staff member Thom Jorgensen jumped right in with his broadheads and started creating tanto tips on his personal heads and even put together a short video to demonstrate his method for anyone that may be interested.

To purchase a pack of the Magnus Single Bevel heads just follow this link and scroll till you find the single bevel model. Currently only the 150 grain is offered but other weights may be available in the future. Buy Magnus Single Bevel Broadheads.

To see the Dr. Ashby video please follow this link: Dr. Ashby on Tip Design

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