The badger broadhead was designed to spin in unison with your fletching so both the front and the rear of the arrow spin simultaneously Therefore providing unmatched accuracy At all achievable speeds from Today’s Crossbows and compound bows as well as traditional bows.

The one piece solid molded design with offset blades and single bevel Cutting edge design allows Broadhead to spin through target therefore transferring all kinetic energy to increase chance of pass-through performance.

The Badger Broadhead has no mechanical parts to replace No gimmicks here to keep you coming back for parts These broadheads sharpened to a razors edge quickly and provide you the consumer a much better value for your investment.

Once you show the badger broad head You see what so many others have come to realize about the badger Broadhead accuracy, quality, longevity.

  • Absolutely No Wind Planing
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Indestructible Solid-Piece Construction
  • Heat treated to 50 Rock well.
  • Blade thickness .045
  • Wide Single Bevel
  • Stable Arrow flight at Any Speed
  • Improves Arrow Accuracy
  • 125-150-170 Grain Broadheads
  • 1″ cut width,1 3/4″ Long
  • 44.9Left Wing and Right Wing available

Price is per pack of 3 Badger Broadheads

Choose weight and bevel