Tapered Glue On Field Points
Smooth contour provides aerodynamic flight while extending target life. Extra-deep tapered hole and thin wall to blend with shaft. Available in:1/4″ (60 gr.), 5/16″ (125 gr.), 11/32″ (100 gr. 125 gr. 145 gr. 160 gr.) Sold by the dozen.

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Easy Pull Screw in Field Points

Oversized and chamfered on the backside to enhance easy removal from targets. The 100 and 125 grain point fits all shafts up to 5/16″ in diameter, such as Black Eagle, Vapor, ICS, Express, Gold Tip, 2018, etc. The 145 and 175 grain point fits from 5/16″ up to 11/32″ in diameter, such as Grizzly Sticks, Vapor, Nitro, 2117, etc. Sold by the dozen.

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Developed by Mike Deppe, Woodyweights provide the traditional bowhunter the ability to increase point weight and FOC when shooting wood shafts. Weight forward arrows straighten quicker in flight, are more stable and most importantly for bowhunters, give better penetration than a standard weight arrow.

Woodyweightsare designed to fit 11/32″ and 23/64″ shafts and they come in a variety of sizes from 75 to 200 grains. Woodyweights can also used on aluminum and carbon arrows with an adapter to produce similair results.

With so many weight combinations possible Woodyweights provide the traditional bowhunter the ability to dial in their arrow and boradhead to the perfect combination of weight, balance and spine. It is important to know that Woodyweights will weaken the spine of your arrow and may require a stiffer spine that what you normally shoot.

For a tutorial on how to apply Woodyweights please review the “How to guide” here on Simply Traditional.

Sold in packs of 6

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