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A couple weeks ago I retrieved a padded envelope from my mailbox. Now, this is hardly anything out of the ordinary as I get that sort of mail all the time. Yet, I could not remember ordering anything recently. After sorting through the normal bills and junk mail I reached for my nearest drop point. A quick cut across the top and I was able to have a peek inside. Right away I see is a sticky note that reads “A gift from Thom Jorgensen”. Beneath the note is a DVD case with the label “Scouting Video” on the front. Immediately I remembered a post on Tradgang by Jason Samkowiak about the release of his DVD. But, as is usually the case, I got sidetracked and forgot to order a copy. Luckily for me Thom had my back and now I had a copy. So, as soon as I sat back down at my desk I popped in DVD #1 of the 2 DVD set. Before I knew it I had watched the first and was on to the second DVD. I enjoyed them so much I contacted Jason about sharing his video here at Simply Traditional. I also asked him if he would provide me with information about the video in his own words. Here is what he had to say:

The “Scouting Video” By the Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast is a DVD set on how to scout for whitetail deer as a traditional bowhunter. As a traditional bowhunter we need to get very close and a 5 yard mistake can be the difference between meat in the freezer and tag soup. This video is a 2 DVD set and over 4 hours long. It covers a full year of scouting and was filmed in 3 different states. I covered internet scouting in full detail with real time scouting on real open public lands as well as on private lands including a lot of big woods and difficult terrain will little features. It covers funnels, hubs, pinches, transitions, intersections, fingers, draws, ridges, hill sides, and every trick and tactic I know to help get you inside that magical 20 yard range on a regular basis.
the Scouting Video 2 DVD set cost 29.00 and include free shipping inside the USA. To order you can send the 29.00 to thru Paypal. If you don’t have Paypal you can call me to use a visa, master card, or discover card, or check. My number is 586-350-5837.

I highly recommend Jason’s video to any hunter, seasoned or the newcomer. Everyone will be able to find some useful information. Plus you are supporting a fellow stick bow hunter in the process. It’s a win win.

You can also order the video by visiting Jason’s website, The Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast While you are there be sure to check out his podcasts and videos. There are hours and hours of informative and entertaining media available on the website.

Remember the time to prepare for this fall is now!

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