Tip of the week – “Spiking” trees

During late winter and early spring always keep a few fertilizer spikes with you for fruit bearing trees you find while scouting.

Fertilizer spikes are easy to cary and use.
Fertilizer spikes are easy to carry and use

When you locate mast bearing trees add a fertilizer spike or two depending on the size of the tree. The result will be more plentiful and better fruit or mast and the deer will know the difference. Sometimes spiked trees will produce fruit earlier in the season as well making them a magnet for wildlife. I have used this technique for years and have found it works well with persimmons, crab apples, apple, pear and even oak trees.

Wild pear blossoms.
Wild pear blossoms in Georgia

When placing spikes try to place them near the edges of what will be the leaf canopy for the trees. This will ensure the maximum amount of water gets to the fertilizer and gets it down to the roots where the tree can use it. – Happy Hunting. – Steve

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