Georgia Spike Buck from Steve Angell on Vimeo.

Wild Things Wild Hog #1 from Steve Angell on Vimeo.

Instructional video on sharpening 2 blade broadheads

Instructional video on sharpening 3 blade broadheads

Instructional video on knife sharpening

“Cruising for Whitetails, identify travel corridors while walking or driving along roads where you hunt.

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  1. Nice vid! Good relaxed shoot form & easy confident pie plate results. The telltale IMO is the bow! I know when I’m going to get good results on a shot especially considering my confidence in my bow. It’s the confidence factor from heavier bows that gets the job done. Flat shooters to 30 yards or more even with heavier arrows. 850gr is a lot of stored energy transfer through an animal regardless of path through bone, etc. Put in the vitals (as per this vid) & your trail job is a walk with 2 profuse leaking holes!

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