Tip of the week – A Bow in the Lap is Worth Game on the Ground

Bow at the ready.
Always have your bow at the ready!

My earliest bowhunting experience was losing an opportunity at an 8-point buck because my bow was on the ground and not ready to use. I was hunting a game trail from natural cover and my visibility was limited to the brush around me. The buck came in fast with little time to react and busted me while reaching for my bow. I vowed this would never happen again and have kept it on my lap with an arrow on the string ever since. While not ideal for long sits in a treestand, I find this necessary in situations like the one described above, where visibility is limited and time to react is short. I also find that a bow on my lap keeps me more alert to what is going on around me. If its damp or my fletching is bright, I keep a gloved hand over the fletching. Its awkward at first, but you get used to it, and it might just put a critter on the ground. Shoot straight. – Nick

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