Beat back the bugs with a little garlic

If you're expecting mosquitoes, ticks, etc. garlic tablets can help.
Taken by the author during a Cumberland Island hog hunt.

I’m a Northern guy by origin, but spent the last several years hunting with close friends in southern climates. The first time I headed South resulted in clouds of mosquitoes and a bad case of chiggers. I mentioned this experience on another trip and one of the hunters in attendance proclaimed “Its because you Yankees don’t get enough vinegar and garlic in your diet.” I wrote it off as ribbing at the time, but spotted a section about “garlic tablets” in one of G. Fred Asbell’s books soon after. He’d found that garlic tablets made you less susceptible to biting insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks. He didn’t mention chiggers, but I could only assume it would work against those as well. Regardless, they were good for your circulation. I picked up a bottle soon after and have been taking them ever since. The results have been remarkable. I haven’t been bitten by a tick or chigger since beginning the regiment and mosquito bites have decreased by at least 80%. I don’t use my Thermacell half as much as I used to. Not even in the Spring when hunting turkeys. In fact, I took a trip with Steve and Brannon (Gravitt) to hunt hogs on Cumberland island in 2015 and didn’t pull a single tick off of me. I was the only one at camp that could make that statement. If you’re having trouble with bugs, try some garlic tablets. Just make sure they are odorless! You won’t regret it.

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