Gear Review by Buddy Bell – Ozark Custom Calls Walnut Grunt Call

It was with great anticipation I awaited the arrival of my new Ozark Custom Calls grunt call. My fascination and passion for such a time honored tradition as bowhunting Whitetail deer has never wavered in all my 50+ years afield. Each trip I learn something new if nothing else but to admire the simple beauty of stick and string. Guess all us trad bowhunters find favor in our equipment one way or another; but, when you get down to it there is a magic that happens that couldn’t happen hunting any other way.

For instance, my Howard Hill Kramer made Tembo is truly a remarkable bowhunter’s joy. Was telling Gilliver (my HBS bow club friend) yesterday how the wedge grip fits like second skin. It shoots where I look with classic authority. Wonder what Mr. Kramer was thinking when he made this bow? Did he visualize how and why the ultimate owner might approve? I assure you he was a thorough master craftsman bowyer who took ultimate delight crafting bows for discerning traditional bowhunters to appreciate many decades removed. *Mr. Kramer, your bow couldn’t be in better cared for more appreciative hands!

And, I thought of another story I’d read in some long forgotten magazine about an old school turn of the 20th century bird hunter carrying a Parker shotgun down a dusty fence row hoping to kick up some quail. So familiar was this gun like an extension of his arm. The poor old fellow was offered several trades for brand new fancy shotguns but declined every one. Jist of the article was how comfortable & pleased was this tired old hunter trusting his Parker shotgun. He just wouldn’t hunt without it.

Which bring us uptodate settling my anxiety over this new call;

Mr. Richard Meagher, owner of Ozark Custom Calls, asked for my preference & built my deer grunt call from Black Walnut (my favorite wood). The richness & swirled texture of black walnut settle with age into a fit like an old friend. Only a matter of coming to favor with the resonance, size, & useability standing between me an my new constant deer hunting companion.

Look what came in the mail today. When I saw the return address I knew right away what it was. 61 years did little to stymie my excitement. Yet I unwrapped the prize in sequential steps for your approval.

Bumbling fingers tore through the Proprity Mail box to reveal a sock holding the call. Who ships a grunt call in a sock? Then.., there she is…as pretty a piece of functional wood art as you might ever lay your eyes on. Maybe you can see the swirls in the grain like a deep rich hot fudge sundae? What a beaut! Now I’m guessing why the sock? Might this call be a purely cared for quality instrument?

One more hill to hurdle, the tone. So many store bought calls miss tone in their haste to mass produce “me too” noisemakers. Not here folks! This tone is as rich as the wood is beautiful! No adjustment necessary.

I’ve used grunt calls for decades with good results. Just make sure your seasonal calling is done with the correct technique. Tending deer grunts are most effective when doe are in estrus. It implies such to other deer (bucks especially) as well as the merit of the tending buck himself. That is, other bucks are curious to size up this lucky lad for no other reason than to join the party. Close your eyes & envision a deep guttural exchange coming from the hefty hand carved walls of this instrument & you may have some idea what it sounds like.


More important of all is the pure perfection. Everything rolled up into one fine figurine of finished custom made work of art to last many succeeding generations such as the Parker shotgun & Kramer bow referenced above. To borrow from American Express.., Priceless! Just saying. I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait for October archery season here in Texas!

Buddy Bell

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  1. That’s awesome Ray. Richard will be glad to hear from you. Please tell him Simply Traditional sent you. 🙂

  2. Great job to Buddy on his review. Richard definately makes a one of a kind call. I now have two myself. One is crafted from a piece of 100+ year old Osage and the other is a beautiful combination of Bolivian Rosewood and Cherry. Like Buddy, I can’t wait for October so I can give these two calls a real trial in the deer woods. I have not doubt I will be more than satisfied with the results!

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