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Birchbark Rover Quivers is owned an operated by Steve Viau of Cheboygan Michigan. I met Steve through his son Nick Viau last year and just had to try one of his Rover Quivers. I have spent many hours on the 3D course and in the woods with my Birchbark Rover Quiver and love it. You can find Birchbark Rover Quivers on Facebook by clicking here.

Steve Viau has been shooting Traditional bows for about five years and the only quiver he was familar with was the traditional back quiver. Over the years he used many types: leather ones, basket styles, etc. then moved on to hip quivers when back quivers stopped working for him. Those worked fine, but weren’t exactly what he was looking for. Steve likes to stump shoot and hip quivers do not accommodate small game points with blades or arms very well. He wanted a quiver you could draw from the side point first.

Steve then saw various camouflage side quivers on the market and really liked the tube-style, sling quiver design. It was light weight, very durable, and great for arrow access. He wasn’t fond of the price though. Every model he found was well over $100 and made out of a generic camouflage canvas material. He wished someone would make one with some character and out of a less abrasive fabric. Then it hit him: why couldn’t he make one of my own out of materials easily found at the store?

Steve had some four-inch PVC pipe and a pair of polar fleece pajamas he was positive would make a quiver. He went to work and at the end of the day, the Rover was born.
The prototype was functional but kind of crude and seriously lacking detail, but it was all fleece and accomplished what he wanted it to do – work equally well for stumping, hunting, and 3D shooting. Steve then built one for his son Nick ( and another one for himself. The Viaus tested them for awhile and were quite happy with them. He thought the story was over at that point, but one day while stump shooting Steve noticed all the dead White Birch trees in the forest behind his house. Birch bark peels off in an interesting way and curls into a tube once it falls. The Native Americans utilized birch bark for generations, making quivers, canoes and other crafts.

Steve thought he could do the same and hated to see all that good bark go to waste. He thought, “why not recycle the bark and use it to decorate my Rovers?” He began harvesting the bark, trimming it into smaller pieces, and wrapping it around the four-inch PVC, blending it in with the fleece. He then used jute twine to cover the transition points, wood or antler buttons for decoration, and the BirchBark Rover was born.

Steve uses the bark on all of his quivers, as every piece is unique and harvested from the woods he calls home. As a result, every quiver is one-of-a-kind and a taste of pure Michigan in every sense of the word. He can also customize the quiver for his customers if they do not like what he has in stock. Steve is adding different patterns of fabric, experimenting with different colors of jute, and a variety of different stains every day. Steve’s goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art with a traditional/primitive vibe and the concept seems to be taking off!
He has made several for Nick, a pink zebra print for his wife Patti, daughter-in-law Jessica, and even his granddaughter Aubrey! They get approached all of the time and have heard a lot of compliments online. Nothing makes Steve happier than seeing someone enjoy one of his quivers in the field or at a shoot. It makes his day!

Simply Traditional is teaming up with Steve Viau to give one Birchbark Rover Quiver away to one lucky winner. The quiver shown below will be awarded to the winner.

The contest is being held on facebook and will end on Sunday, July 21st 2013. To enter to win visit either Simply Traditional’s facebook page ( or the Birchbark Rover Quivers’ facebook page ( and follow the rules for the contest.

Please check out the offer below to help us offset costs


  1. Look like really unusual and cool quivers. Do you happen to know if Birchbark have their own website? I wasn’t able to find anything, except for their Facebook page and store on Etsy. Just wanted to find out a bit more about them as it’s the first time I heard their name so kind of curious 🙂


    • Currently Steve has the Facebook Page and Etsy. I have offered to help him with a website when he is ready to move in that direction. If you have trouble reaching him on facebook let me know and I will get the two of you in touch with one another somehow. 🙂

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