And so begins a new adventure………….

Wyoming Mulies

The 2017 season is wrapping up (in Georgia we can pursue whitetails up until 1/14/2018) and the planning for 2018 is underway. One of the adventures planned for 2018 is a public land DIY hunt in Wyoming for Mule Deer. Thom Jorgensen (Trad Bow Safaris) and I actually began the planning for this hunt back in November while I was hunting with Thom, Nick Viau (Life and Longbows) and several other good friends up in Michigan. I will be working with Thom to document our adventure from planning through execution. All associated articles will be associated with the “2018 Mule Deer” category and will be quickly accessible via the special menu option added with the same name. Hopefully this may inspire others and at the same time save others some time and effort by allowing them to follow us along.

As I stated we will be hunting in the state of Wyoming, both Thom and I have preference points that will pretty much guarantee our draw which ever unit we choose. We have narrowed the list down to 3 different units at this time and there will be another post forthcoming with more detail around our selection process.

So bookmark the link for the 2018 Mule Deer posts coming ( and stay tuned for future posts. Just some of the topics we will likely cover:

Research and Planning
Hunting Equipment
Camping Equipment
License and Regulations
and of course documenting the hunt itself

Stay tuned…….

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