More than a “Go To” bow – new article by Steve Angell in Stick and String Magazine

It has been well over a year now since I picked up my first longbow. Since I purchased that initial longbow my stable of bows has increased substantially. As is the case with many folks, I have one in particular that just seems to “fit”. This was never the case during the years I carried a compound or even when I put away the wheels and started shooting traditional gear in the form of Recurves. Since I was 18 years old I have always kept a spare bow around for those moments when Murphy decides to make things interesting. This was more because of necessity rather than desire and it really did not matter which bow I was shooting. I had no real “attachment” to a specific bow. Function over form so-to-speak. This all changed with the longbow.

My decision to try a longbow formed out of this lackluster passion I had with archery. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed archery since an early age but I did not feel I had any passion for the sport. Many times I found myself shooting because I knew I had to in order to stay proficient not because I was really enjoying it. This was about to change.

My first longbow was a heavily used John Schulz 68” longbow. Nothing overly fancy and would even be considered dull by some. Yet, I found a good deal on the bow and figured if I didn’t like it then I wasn’t out a lot of money. When I first strung the bow and headed out to my backyard range I remember thinking, “this thing feels like a toy”. It was so light in my hand I wondered if it might snap. Well it didn’t snap and I quickly became very comfortable with that bow. Arrow after arrow was sent down range and I found that suddenly without really thinking about it I was consistently hitting my mark. By the end of that first session, as I was walking back to my house I suddenly realized that my arms were a bit sore and tired. I remember looking at the clock when I walked in. I had been shooting for nearly 3 hours!!!!! I was back out the next day, and the next, and since then shooting is practically a daily event for me. I had found what was missing all the years before. I found myself looking forward to shooting every day and in some cases I would be sad and depressed if I knew I would not get home before dark or had to be out of town for a few days.

I still have that John Schulz Trophy Hunter and even took a couple of animals with it during the 2011 deer season. Today, I still shoot it now and then and while enjoy doing so it no longer ranks as my “Go to”.

Along the course of that first year shooting longbows I managed to pick up a couple other longbows on the classifieds of various forums. I could shoot all of them well and enjoyed each of them for various reasons. While I did not realize it at the time………………………………..

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