The Strugglestick Addiction: Part II – Aron Snyder

Spring time was over and I had all summer to get ready for the fall hunting season. I had learned so much already, but still felt like I had barely scratched the bottom of the barrel when it came to traditional archery. I knew I needed to keep focusing on my shooting form but also knew that above all I needed to change my hunting style and understand that where my hunt ended with a compound, it was just beginning with a recurve (inside of 60 yards)! So how was I going to prepare myself for this? I had no idea, but it would be fun figuring it out!

The one thing I knew is that this bow needed to become………………..

Continue Aron Snyder’s series about his journey from hunting with a compound to becoming a traditional bowhunter. Aron works for Kifaru International and is a regular on the Gritty Bowman podcast which is where I was first introduced to Aron. It is well articulated and accomplished hunters like Aron that are going to go a long ways toward increasing the popularity of hunting with simple stick and string. Continue reading the latest in this series over at

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